Lambert’s Trek

1,527 Miles.  That’s how many miles Drury University students Brandon Landers and Courtney Colley will be driving next weekend, Sept. 30 – Oct. 2, to eat at all three Lambert’s Café locations. To tackle this food feat, Landers and Colley will be driving thru four other states besides Missouri, to arrive at the Gulf Coast Lambert’s location in Foley, AL.

Landers a Senior Public Relations & Advertising major has been wishing to travel to all three Lambert’s Cafés for many years and with the help of Colley will do just that. For their
self-titled “Lambert’s Trek,” Landers and Colley be blogging, videoing and posting on Facebook and Twitter their trip happenings as they happen in real-time. These posts and videos will also culminate in a Senior Project for Landers, who is using this trip to garner the Lambert’s Café family free publicity along the way.

Landers originally wanted to travel to all three locations in one day but after finding the 14-hour drive from Foley, AL back to Ozark, MO a bit of a stretch they decided to change it up a bit. The two will drive starting Friday, Sept. 30 to Memphis, TN before arriving in Foley, AL on Saturday, Oct. 1. They will eat at Foley Lambert’s Café for dinner and then begin the 9-hour drive to the original location in Sikeston, MO for lunch on Oct. 2, before returning to the Ozark, MO location for dinner on Oct. 2 as well.

1,527 miles and probably about that many thrown rolls will be eaten, as the two attempts to do what no one has ever done before. Eat at all three Lambert’s Cafes in under 24 hours. Follow Landers and Colley on their wacky Lambert’s Trek on Facebook:, on Twitter: and on WordPress: You can also contact Brandon Landers at or at 417.808.0452.


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Senior at Drury University
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